App Review: AT&T my Wireless | MyATT

This is my AT&T wireless network. You can manage your account online or through an application on the iPhone instead of visiting a website. It’s a very good, simple user interface, and it’s free.

This will be a very fast application review. This application is an AT&T application. I’ll show you the icon. It’s AT&T, my wireless application. Now we’ve read a lot about this application. When it first came out, it’s all about AT&T. Now it’s time. You came out with this application, but we didn’t. Seeing a lot about it, I didn’t see any comments, so I just wanted to comment on it very quickly.

This is obviously a free app in the App Store. What is its function? It allows you to manage your AT&T wireless account through an application on the iPhone instead of visiting a website, so let’s go directly to it.

This is my wireless account. What is its function? It pops up AT&T, asks for your wireless number, saves your wireless number and asks for your password. I’ll enter the password here, and then you press it. Once you enter the password and the wireless password number, I may push forward and put my wireless number there, but I will blur it out, it will load, and it will provide you with all this information. You can pay bills, check bills and pay, you can check your usage and update your functions.

Let’s go to Bill and pay, it loads, it will provide you with the amount of the last payment, the date of the last payment, the amount due, you can see the complete bolt view, the complete view, the PDF format of the complete bill format, I haven’t tried, but this is your bill details, you can pay.

If you go to pay, it will tell you how to save payment, saved visas, new checking and savings accounts, new credit cards and debit cards, and then you can pay online. If you use them, here you can check your usage, not only this number, but also all your numbers, which will be loaded, and it will provide you with your team’s use. Minutes, this is your team, nights and weekends, mobile, any flip minutes you may have used, you can view your data usage, of course, data usage is provided on a separate line, so it is not a combination of things, then you can go to the function, let’s go back to the state of use, just one second, if you click on a person, it has you. Some personal phone numbers, you can check your personal use, this is mine, this is 580 minutes, 480, infinite 259 mobile phone numbers, I can check my data use, 310, 103 megabytes of text infinite Internet, you can go there to check your different lines.

Now when you overcome AT&T’s function, there are some additional sales functions here, so they tell you your data plan for the iPhone 3G, I have 1500 short messages, and then you can add all these intelligent solutions, intelligent restrictions, roadside assistance, voice dialing on the paid home map. You can find up to five people through GPS, so you can add them. Different functions. Then you go back to your home page, where there are three, and it tells you eighteen T-series maps, so essentially, this is a family member’s GPS tracking advertisement, which is great for children. Once I put my daughter on my plan and she didn’t have a prepayment plan, I might do that, so I know where she is, where she has a little older brother, and then a woman’s ad texts.

As I said, we read a lot about this app. When it was first released through different websites and all different news organizations, AT&T now had their app, so you can manage your account, you can pay your account online, but we haven’t seen any in-depth comments on it yet. I like this app, and so do I. You can go to the website, but now the busy way of life, sometimes you forget to pay the bill, this is the 14th I just paid the bill, this is due on the 15th, I tried this, the effect is very good.

This is my AT&T wireless network. You can manage your account online or through an application on the iPhone. I know you can go directly to Safari and do all of this, but this is a very useful simple user interface. So this is my wireless from AT. Obviously it’s free. Go and see if there’s anything that can help you download it, if not, just go to Safari. I hope you like to quickly review my AT&T wireless application. I think it will help me, but thank you for watching.