AT&T MicroCell Signal Booster Set-up

Today, I’m going to take apart 80 microbattery signal enhancers in our area and check them. We hardly receive them. You have to leave the house to get signals. In the house, you have almost no signals. Most of them don’t have signals at all. So I hope according to some comments, I can see that this device guarantees you at least five signal bars in your home, so I’m setting it up. Later, we’ll see what’s going on with it, so here it is.

Let’s turn it on and see what’s inside and inside is a quick introduction guide to micro-batteries and micro-batteries themselves. It looks like a small router and your network cable and power line. I apologize for the low lighting, but this is Cisco AT&T; the micro-battery booster itself and the back, you have a small reset button, power input and the Ethernet port of the network cable connected to your route. It connects to the Internet.

This is my router, I have two ports available or network cable, here is the charger cable, here is the network Ethernet cable, if you have one of these surge protectors that we often like, then I would recommend using Cyber Power Surge Protector/Battery Backup, but if you don’t, you can plug it into the wall, but I want to plug it in. Among them.

We have inserted it into the surge protector, and then inserted the network cable into one of the ports, with a yellow port. Now insert it into one of the network ports. Then insert the network cable into the device itself and the power line until the power input. You will immediately see the power indicator and the Internet network indicator to inform you that you are connected to the Internet.

After setting up the device, we have to wait for the GPS signal indicator and the signal lamp indicator. As you can see, it is searching for the cell phone signal. It is flickering. It has found the cell reception from the Internet. I will set it online. GPS is activating the GPS signal.

We recommend that you put it near the window that I have in order to provide the best GPS reception for 911 location service. You will go to microunit, activate it, and you will get this prompt.

Once you get here, the instructions say you need the following serial number, SN number, at the bottom, you will see the bottom of your microcellular device itself, you will need your AT&T, radio phone number user name or AT&T; access ID and password.

If you haven’t set up 80 on a lightweight wireless account, you need to do so. I’ll go into my personal account and enter your username and password. They’ll log in and tell Google to save the password with Chrome, and then choose the settlement account and the wireless number.

After selecting the wireless number, click Continue, and then display the following steps to complete the online activation process. Accept the ATT microcell terms and conditions, then complete the steps on the screen to continue as you must accept all the terms and conditions. Click Next, it will display the registration of 83 G microsil devices, and then they want you to enter the settings. Standby serial number, the device serial number will be located on the back.

I won’t show you my device serial number, but you can find your device serial number at the bottom. As you can see, the GPS positioning service is now fully positioned and the GPS position has been confirmed. I’m going to input the serial number at the bottom of the device. Each serial number has a separate serial number to set up.

You’ll have a different number. I won’t show it here, but when you enter the serial number and click Next, they’ll want to know the serial number of the device. They want to know the nickname of the device. It’s a 3G microcell.

I’m going to leave it there and the main e-mail users they want to know, but for security reasons, I’ll obviously block my e-mail address here. For security reasons, I will not show my address, city, state and postal code.

But you have to enter those for this device. They also want you to enter your phone number in the box next to them. You don’t even have to give them your address. They now know automatically that they know exactly the source of the Internet service and the IP address of the device is.

They basically know your home address at the moment you plug in the device. When GPS receives it, they know exactly where you live, your city, state, and all of this information. You don’t even need to enter its only one. You need your home phone number, so click next.

After completing all this again for security purposes, I did not display the phone number, but they wanted to know the approved users and their nicknames, which are basically the names of family members on this account. With this device, you can add 80 numbers to access the devices that we must have access to.I have a 3G or 4G mobile phone that can access this editor. You can edit and delete them there, click Next, and then review all the content. It will display your 3G micro-cellular comment information. You will see comments on your device, serial number, device nickname, main user, e-mail address, city, state and postal code, for security purposes. It’s not shown here.

But for security reasons, I will display the information provided again. I will not display the information and phone numbers of people and family members, but I will display the approved user list number. Nicknames will be displayed under this account.After completing all the operations, you click submit, they will register the device, and put your account and address under your account, all content will pass, the device will be added to your account, everything should be fine.

I’ll find out in a minute, and then you’ll see 80 confirmations of 3G microunits and device settings. If you need to print that page, I’m sure you’ll see in the manual that the top will be your solid green network, GPS signal, Ethernet will be solid green, as well as your network Internet connection and power supply.

I want to show again in the instructions that this is after the setup is completed, click Continue, after completion, you will see the 3G microcellular, and then the number next to my blocking is taken out with my hand, because for security reasons, please allow up to 90 minutes to complete the following four steps if the microcellular needs.

We started the following four steps to complete the start-up setup of the microbattery. I did receive an e-mail about confirmation on my mobile phone, so we will see what happened soon. It will take a while depending on your location, so it will accept what they said in the e-mail. Your microbattery may take up to 90 minutes to finish. Fully activated some people.

It took 15 minutes, 20 minutes and some people, and it took some time, so we saw that I received an email, but I didn’t receive a text message. Our signal is very low. That’s why I bought this. When your cell is ready to make a phone call, they will receive a text message and an email notification, so ATT is activating it now.Whenever it is activated, they send a notification that displays all the device information and approved numbers under the account, so we know how long it will take, and I may need to shoot a second video as part two.

But this is how to set up the microcell at present. It has a complete GPS signal. The signal is flickering now. So I will give it some time to see that when I receive the message and its e-mail has been fully activated and ready to connect to our network, it may take some time.I may have to make the second part of this video. ATT signals are now from zero to one to five complete bars. I received their messages, so I received their confirmation email and text messages about the completion of the initial setup. It happened when I turned on the device on the computer. The device was displayed under their device and printer.

This is a formal network, the signal is no longer flickering, its signal intensity is very high, all the lights are on, you can not even see the micro-battery there or the battery on my mobile phone, it shows the complete signal, so we have five complete bars at any time, activation completed, e-mail came in, the device is fully set up, now the signal is full.

We have registered and fully set up on the Internet. Everything is fine. You can check it out and see the five complete bars I just saw, instead of zero to one.As you saw earlier tonight at the same place, I have no signal. You can see that I have no signal at all. Now I have five complete bars, so this is good news. Now we have five complete bars, so how to set up your ATT microcellular signal intensifier?

I’ll try another video call and text message over the phone to see how it works and make another video to let you know how it works. Thank you for your time.